Sunscreen: The Best Protection For Your Skin

Sunscreen: The Best Protection For Your Skin

A clear & radiant skin is preferred by everyone despite of age group or ethnicity. However keeping your skin tone even requires certain habits to be followed. These habits include constant cleaning of your face, hydration, dietary intakes and much more.

But is that sufficient? The answer is no!

It’s been scientifically proven that majority of skin problems are caused due to ultraviolet (UV) rays coming from the sun. These UV rays are categorized as- UVA & UVB which can cause several skin related problems like sunburns, pre-aging, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and even cancer. So what can be done to avoid the skin related problems, well I will recommend to start using a sunscreen that’s suitable as per your requirement.

What is a sunscreen?

Sunscreens are combination of various ingredients that help in preventing sun’s ultraviolet radiation from reaching the skin. These sunscreens may vary in terms of SPF (sun protection factor) for protection against UVA & UVB rays which starts from SPF 15, SPF 30 & SPF 50. In-terms of percentage against UVB rays: SPF 15 provides 93% protection, SPF 30 provides 95% of protection and SPF 50 provides 98% protection.

How to choose a sunscreen?

Since there are plenty of brands available in market today, it’s important to choose what can be best suited option for you. Personally I will advise a broad spectrum sunscreen which ensures protection against both UVA & UVB rays. Here you must need to anticipate how much time duration you require staying outside, for example: If you’re exposed to sunlight for 15 minutes or lesser then go for SPF 15 and if you stay outside for long intervals then definitely go for SPF 30 or SPF 50. Sunstop sunscreens are tested and recommended by dermatologists for best protection for your skin from harmful UV rays to keep it healthy, glowing and youthful for year long. Its “moisturizing” effect keeps you away from that oily and greasy effect even in hot summer.


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