Best Ways To Use Dermadoctor Skin Care Products

Best Ways To Use Dermadoctor Skin Care Products

A recent survey by popular fashion magazine clearly states that an average woman spends at least 10 days (240 hours or 15,000 minutes) to maintain her hair in a year. This includes brushing, curling, coaxing and willing hair into a pleasing style. Experts of skin care feels that all tasks can be permanently damaging hair, and desired results can be easily achieved by staying on the basics only.

Selection of best skin care products in Dubai is solely based on how much effective that product is going to be. For example; Neutriderm shampoo or conditioner that works best on your hair is the initial step. After taking a shower, only 10-15 minutes of hair grooming will suffice, but always remember putting a protective serum before styling and spraying at last for protection from UV rays.

Using many products and heat tools can leave hair out, fade natural coloring and make them appear unhealthy. Prefer some relaxing and free styles (pinning up, twirling into a bun or soft ponytail) for a break from excessive styling on weekends or sometimes on weekdays to keep heat and unnecessary products.

It's a known fact that excessive heat hurts, so its required to eradicate heat-emitting tools like flat irons and curling irons to once or twice every week, unless you have thick hair, keep the iron's setting on low/medium not high, since thin or normal hair doesn't require high heat and responds well to lower settings. Thick hair requires high setting to remove the curls, so always prefer a heat protection product to save the hair from burning and damages.


There's a huge choice of several skin care products available nowadays. But these products contain flick of chemicals which are both useful & harmful. Also too much application of these will cause damages in the end. So always prefer best beauty products in Dubai and use them wisely.


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