Know The Secrets Of Buying Best Beauty Products In Dubai

Know The Secrets Of Buying Best Beauty Products In Dubai

Buying beauty product that's suitable to skin is a task unlike any other and surprisingly they don't go on a sale like shoes, furniture and cars. The only way to get a beauty deal is rushing to a departmental store during end-of-month sale and gets yours before they ran out. Thanks to the rising popularity of online stores and boutiques, competition for beauty products is vicious, forcing retailers to develop creative ways for luring more clients into their stores. The result: samples, specials, and a bunch of free services turning into savings, as well as a more enjoyable shopping experience. Here's a list of strategies to take full advantage of new beauty benefits.

1. Try before buy

Nowadays customers ask for permission to test-run a product before buying it and both departmental stores and boutiques have tester units and sales staff for helping customers make the selection of lipstick, dry shampoo or body fragrances. And if there isn’t a tester, a salesperson is allowed to open one.

2. Ask for a sample

If it’s about skincare, one must try a product for a while to know whether the product works for you or not. Leading departmental stores always stock small stocks to easily provide a sample for making the customer like before investing.

3. Return if not like

Few years back, opened product it couldn’t be returned back, meaning you were stuck with non-suitable product on your skin. However return policies of retailers have turned lenient, allowing customers to bring back gently used products within specific time period. You can also have a word with the salesperson about suitable options so you can potentially shift towards a better one.

4. Join the club

Majority of retailers now offer loyalty membership programs having some nice perks; cash back, exclusive coupons and invitations to members-only activities. These membership benefits can be easily managed and monitored through online account. You can get the most from these by spending to one or two favorite retailers.

5. Restock

You can also opt for online shopping, if you know exactly what you want to buy. Many retailers are now available on ecommerce portals like; Amazon with free shipping and free returns facility. Many websites have online concierges to help guide your selections at no charge.


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