About Us

Reliable, sincere, and consumer centric are the traits that Soft Care Cosmetics strives to convey.

With days getting busier, the demand on simple and value adding Skin Care regimens has been increasing. At Soft Care Cosmetics, we have looked into your daily skin challenges as a benchmark in forming our brand portfolio. Our brands are sourced from Australia, France, and USA. All manufactured as per the highest quality standards, and under the most advanced rules and regulations. Our brands have gained a wide attention over social media, and well-known beauty and lifestyle platforms such as Vogue, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Oprah, Refinery29, and several others.
A view on mountains.
Cottage on a lake surrounded by mountains.
Cyclist riding down the mountain path.
View on mountains from mountain top.
Rocky shore in the morning.
Rocky shore in the morning.

Whether you are looking for an ideal Skin Care Routine, or a perfect solution for mild to moderate skin conditions, Soft Care Cosmetics is the place to be at.

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