Softcare Cosmetics
hand-picks & distributes the world's finest self-care brands in the Middle East

Founded in 2018, Softcare Cosmetics is a homegrown Middle East distributor that specializes in professional skincare and beauty.

We’ve gained a strong reputation due to our highly personalized approach. Our teams ethically source the finest brands from around the world, guaranteeing fine quality and exceptional results.

It’s why, in just a few short years, Softcare Cosmetics has gone on to secure strong partnerships with leading Middle East organizations and is the exclusive distributor of avantgarde brands such as Caviar of Switzerland, DERMAdoctor, Kundal, M. Asam, Neutriderm and Nodspark.


Softcare Cosmetics hand-picks and distributes the world’s finest self-care brands in the Middle East.

The overwhelming supply of brands in today’s market can be confusing but, as a best-in-class distributor, we believe in providing our customers with the finest in innovative beauty – innovation in the form of luxurious ingredients, less complexity, and even an elevated lifestyle.

While we aim to thrive as a distributor, we never lose sight of our customer’s needs & preferences, especially when selecting products for our ever-expanding portfolio. We want our customers to experience our value, consistency and commitment to excellence – that’s our winning vision.

Our Brands



The Caviar Of Switzerland collection contains an exclusive complex ingredient, working in synergy with high-tech actives and precious Caviar extract. The innovative age-fighting ingredients deliver nutrients which are essential to the health,vitality and overall appearance of your skin.

Caviar of Switzerland has been studying the process of skin aging in depth. Their products represent one of the innovative approaches of DNA skin care.


DERMAdoctor offers problem solving solutions for niche skin concerns overlooked by the cosmetics industry and medical community, as well as the latest anti-aging innovations.

DERMAdoctor strives to improve consumer lifestyle by eliminating complicated regimens and instead provides comprehensive, cutting edge treatments targeting all aspects of a condition. DERMAdoctor has revolutionized medical skin care by developing treatments that are aesthetically beautiful, medically effective and dermatologically correct.


Recognized as Korea’s leading personal care brand, Kundal is an all-natural personal daily care brand delivering eco-friendly products that every household loves to use. Kundal pursues beauty from nature, combining various natural extracts, and leading technology on top of the luxurious macademia oil.

Kundal strives to create an impact by cutting out unnecessary retail costs, giving everyone an access to harmless and non-artificial ingredients. Kundal is beyond a bottle that captures the essence of nature.


Lola Cosmetics started its journey focused on a choice: to be happy! Living life in a good mood, even if nothing seems to go right; not even your hair! Lola Cosmetics strives to always innovate more and more in technology, communication, sustainability, and commitment to the environment. Lola’s formulations are free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and other harmful ingredients. Lola is a %100 vegan, and cruelty free company that aspires to be the customer’s choice putting the best know how, and passion into their products.


Using their family’s vineyards, the ASAM family developed Germany's first system for the production of OPC, coldpressed grape seed oil, and resveratrol. M. Asam combines unique herbal and state of the art high tech active ingredients to deliver optimum beauty effects.


Creative, fuss-free and fun, Nodspark aspires to celebrate effortless beauty.

We believe that looking polished should never come at the expense of spending time on what truly matters in life. Created as a simple self-care kit, Nodspark is perfect for women who relish looking put together with oh-so-little time! Only have 10 minutes to spare in the car ride to the airport? Grab a pack of Nodspark. More than 50 designs available.


Founded in February 2019, RLI is an independent, luxury candles brand based in London. The first collection’s bespoke illustrations were created by the incredibly talented Swedish artist Cecilia Carlstedt. The design and colors of each candle are inspired by the founder’s fondest travel memories, and each scent echoes the local flowers and aromas. They all tell a different story and bring up the memory of a different adventure. They are universal fragrances, and yet they are so personal.


Neutriderm, Dermavive, and Sunstop fall under UAS Pharmaceuticals group. The products are made with a purpose in mind, solving real needs for both patients and dermatologists.

Every UAS product is developed with a naturally active ingredient that comes with unique therapeutic properties, and extraordinary healing abilities.

We create solid and sustainable relationships with our clients based on trust, mutual interest, and high business standards.

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